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RSA 200 qualified yoga teacher, with 10 years+ practice and training.
Successful completion Mr Goenka Vipasana and Isha Foundation Inner Engineering Methods ~ Deep meditation methods.



Rainwater collection


Software and Web

Affinity Creative Suite Training

Wix Guided Setup and Maintenance Training. Super-simple website production.



Governance for Social Enterprises

- Meeting structure and primery roles.

- Leadership and Followership

- Policy: Owning your rules

- Avoiding mediation.
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  • The Blackrock Dragon

    A detail from the first of Bernard's Dragon's of Galway series. For a glimpse of the Longwalk Dragon check out his Instagram @bmgartbox.

  • Celtic Wheel Calendar

    Technical illustration based on an ancient Irish seasonal annual time tracking methodology.

  • Nike

    Mythological Greek Goddess of speed, strength and victory.

  • Boann (Bóinn)

    Ancient Irish Goddess of the River Boyne, daughter of Delbáeth, of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

  • Fighter Mushroom

    Submission for an online "Character Design Challenge".

  • Airmid's Tears

    Character concept. Member of the ancient Irish Godlike race; An Tuatha De Danann.

  • Camogie Brigid

    Character concept. Modern depiction of Brigid, member of the ancient Irish Godlike race; An Tuatha De Danann.

  • The Red Imp of the Otherworld

    An Imp is a European mythological being considered to be troublesome and mischievous.

  • The Golden Monkey's Right Hand